Monday, March 3

playing catch-up

so, here's the deal...
i have officially decided to christen this blog my photo diary, but because i didn't just start taking pictures just yesterday, we have to catch-up on the going-ons of my life, family, friends, and places. Between the link to my flickr account and the photographs here, you should feel a little less like a stranger.

sister. juneau, alaska

Peace Vigil. Davis, CA

work. juneau, alaska

The Alaskan. juneau, alaska

friends. juneau, Alaska


jillian said...

ahhh i love that picture of us.
i love YOU.
will be checking this often.

meanhappyguy said...

Now that you are an official blogger, any interest in the Blogger Photo Project? I joined on Sunday as #6, so the group is still very much in its infancy.