Wednesday, January 13

another new start

Perhaps I was a little too optimistic when I thought I would be able to sustain this blog by typewriter posts alone. It seems as though I could restart this blog a hundred times and still need to regroup and start over. I think that might say more about me than I'd like to admit.

Alas, here we are again and I am, yet again, resolving to be better about keeping this updated. I think I'll end up splitting my time on the typewriter with time on the laptop--it seems much more reasonable. It isn't that I don't love using the typewriter, but it is so difficult to type on and each post takes me so long to pound out.

Last year was sort of a whirlwind and hopefully I will be able to keep myself better organized and much more accountable to the projects I set up for myself. Last year my new year's resolution was to start silk screening and get myself up and running on, but that definitely did not happen--not having a real place to work on art, moving, and sitting in front of the computer all day sort of diminished most of my gung-ho attitude about that. That goal is still not out, but this year's resolution isn't so long term: I want to run a half-marathon by April or May. I'm still not sure about which one to run, which explains not knowing which month I'll be running it.

I had been running a lot in the early part of last year, as I was training for the running segment of Eppie's Great Race, but as soon as the race was over, so were my days of running. Yesterday was my first day back on the treadmill and it was horrible. I'm not down and out about it yet, but give me a couple weeks about how I'm feeling about running and I'll probably be singing a different tune.

Another resolution is to take more pictures. I need to document more of my life, whims, and adventures. Some things are just too difficult to tell with words.


Karen said...


New starts are always a good thing. There are no fast and concrete rules to when one starts anew. Rethinking our goals and commitments is a lifetime process. Making life your own and using the time you have to youself to its fullest is what = JOY. Looking forward to hearing more about your adventures out there in the big World.

Auntie Karen

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Strikethru said...

It's hard to keep up typewriter only posts. I never even get close to that goal, and I call myself a typecaster, so you're doing pretty good!