Tuesday, May 20

Lord LeoPard flies coach

I have already gotten behind on my new LeoPard picture of the day. I made a promise to let everyone know where Lord LeoPard came from but then got caught up in moving and being back in school and managed to let a few days slip by without realizing.

So, here is the deal:
My friends Abby (who has been previously mentioned in this picture-of-the-day blog), Emily and I were all working at some point during the day on which prom in Juneau was taking place. Feeling slightly jealous that we couldn't dress up and go ourselves we decided to hold our own. The plan was for Abby and Emily to go out the road to the consignment shop (as they were just getting off shift as I was clocking in) find themselves (if they didn't already have something) and me something prom-erific and also to collect friends and allies who wanted to partake in the big event.
By the time my shift ended, Abby dropped off the dress they picked out-- which is a different story entirely--, left, they both had come back with people who also wanted to partake, ate dinner, and I got off shift. Emily had plans already for the later evening, so as I was getting off, she was leaving. At this point it is Abby, Abby's roommate Courtney, one of their friends, myself, and our friend Logan who works across the hall at the pizzeria. Logan didn't know what to wear so he raided his roommate's closet (?) and found her dad's old letter man jacket (at least I think that was the story) which said LEOPARDS on the back.
One of our man-friends came over and was asking about what was going on and why we were dressed up like we were. We explained we were at prom and as he considered that, standing behind Logan, Abby heard him say something to the effect of "LEO-PARDS [pronounced like leotard, as in what a ballerina wears, but with a p replacing the t], what is that? Some English football team or somethin'?"
And thus, Lord LeoPard was conceived. Two days later Abby brought in the action figure for me to work which she loving drew each circle on in order to turn him from the tiger he was into the leopard he is today.

the smuggled LeoPard peaks out of my carry-on

Lord LeoPard flies coach

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jillian said...

the lord is naked on the plane!